Submitted by: Y. Romabai Devi,
Lecturer(S.G) G.P Women's College.


It is needless to say that silk has play an important role in the economic life of man ever since its discovery,more than 4000 years ago. Fabulous silk from China and India were carried to Europe along the famous 6000 mile silk road.Thus silk has been traditionally associated with the socio-economic life of many Asian and central Asian contries.
Now-a-days sericulture has become one of the most important cottage industries and is practiced in a number of contries like Japan,Russia,Korea,India,Brazil and France.In the developing contries,sericulture is essentially a village based and welfare oriented industry capable of providing employment to large sections of populations.
Silk also plays an important role,as a foreign exchange earner for many of the silk producing contries of the world including India.
Afterall,regarding Manipur,sericulture plays an important role in the economy of the people of the state.Moreover,it can also provide imployment to large sections of the women population in addition to weaving.So, we must encourage sericulture and try to know its different aspects for the welfare of our state.