Submitted by: Y. Romabai Devi
Lecturer(S.G) G.P Women's College

Post cocoon Processing

The method of obtaining silk thread from cocoon is known as Post-Cocoon Processing .This includes Stifling and Reeling. 1.Stifling. The process of killing the cocoons is termed as stifling. Good size cocoons of 8 to10 days old are selected for further processing and dropped into hot water for more than 10 mins .During this period they are continuously stirred with a rod. Due to this,their outer portion is loosened and removed in the form of long tapes and the end of the continous filament is found.
2.Reeling and Spinning .The process of removing the threads from the killed cocoons is called as reeling .Four or five free end of the threads of these cocoons are passed through eyelets and guides to twist into one thread and wound round a large wheel from which it is transferred to spools. Thus the silk obtained on the spool is called as Raw-Silk or Reeled Silk.
The waste outer layer or damaged cocoons and threads are separated, teased and then the filament are spun.This spunned silk is called as Spun-Silk. About 1kg of silk is obtained from nearly 55,000 cocoons.